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Costart is a community to help womxn and BIPOC break into tech, business, and venture capital. We bring to you the resources, events and a community that you need to break into and thrive in tech ✨ 

Hi there & Happy Summer Hope you are staying safe and coping well with everything that is happening in the world right now.

It’s been a minute since we wrote to you guys but we are super excited to be back with resources & news for you all. Before that -

What’s happening at Costart

This summer Costart is running ☀️ Summer With Costart ☀️a 7-week IncubatorxHackathon where we help college students build side projects. We have bi-weekly workshops and industry roundtables that you can check out here.

🔥 Be a Costart Scout

With everything going on in the world, we decided it is time to fix the opportunity gap in tech by creating a program to help spread resources equally to all colleges, regardless of size, status, and location. We’re excited to launch the ☀️Costart Scout Program ☀️- An opportunity for you to be part of Costart and help spread valuable resources to your university community. Join us on this mission!

What will you do?

👉🏼Help us spread resources to your school’s clubs and organizations

👉🏼Gain early access to a curated list of events and content from top people in Silicon Valley tech influencers, resources to Interview prep, SWE, Design & PM resources, Tech trends, Startup resources & news, as well as Resources to break into VC.

👉🏼Give us monthly updates on your progress/impact to help those in your school break into tech.

👉🏼 Collaborate with us to host events on your campus!

Join Costart Scout 🔥

✊🏽 Join Costart and Give Back

We are looking for passionate people to join us for the upcoming year. We are a small team volunteering to make Costart happen and are looking to hire volunteers in the following roles: Head of Technology, Head of Design, Head of Operations, Head of Content, Head of Social Media & Head of Design. Want to learn more about the positions before applying? Email us at costartcapital@gmail.com.

Apply Here ✨

Virtual Events 🎥

Product Manager Roundtable

We’re so happy to have hosted >120 attendees at our PM Roundtable! Thanks so much for joining and participating. Missed the event? Check out the recording below:

View Recording

Previous Summer With Costart Workshops and Events

We had the privilege of hosting some really cool events with some really cool women speakers in the past couple of months. Our next event will be the Female Founder Roundtable, join our Slack to stay updated!

Missed our last couple events? Watch the recordings here:

Female Investor Roundtable

Software Engineer Roundtable

Resources ✨

Some resources from our workshops to help you build cool side projects this summer:

Product Management

  • As a PM, creating docs and evangelizing your product & features is really important. If you guys want to learn how to create good product/feature launch articles, here is a really good example from Lyft.

  • Check out the Exponent Blog and free PM course for insights and advice on how to break into PM!

Jobs 💸

Gem - Product Engineering Rotational Program for new graduates for Summer 2021

Early Stage Stealth Startup Founded by (Co-founder of Firebase) - Growth Role

Product Analyst - Surge Team - Uber

Startups and Fundraising 🎈


Get matched with an investor to pitch your startup!

Over 100 VCs have signed up to take meetings with founders, especially underrepresented founders. This is an amazing opportunity to get in front of an investor without any connections already. Sign up here.

Google Launches New Accelerator for Women - Apply Here

Startup Resources

🙌🏻 Check out this ULTIMATE list of resources needed to get started on your ideas and taking it to the next level from Y-Combinator here.

✨All kinds of free software from companies you NEED for your startup. Check it out here.

🔥 Canada's Largest Virtual Tech Conference for Students is happening this Saturday on July 18th!
Featuring 40+ industry #leaders and tech #visionaries#CUTC2020 is gearing up to be an incredible virtual event built to inspire and bring students from everywhere, and anywhere, together with from around the world.

Will you be there? 👀 ➡️ www.cutc.ca

💥 Learn how to start a company, with help from the world's top startup accelerator with Y Combinator. Startup School is a free online program and global community of founders. The next cohort is starting soon! Sign up here 👀

Tech talks 💻

Want to build a FULL STACK app and don’t know where to get started? Check out this simple todo web app using PERN ( Postgresql-Express-React-Nodejs) stack. These technologies can be combined to build a full-stack web application with CRUD operations. Add a login feature using this tutorial!

Thank you for reading Costart ✨  We are trying to bring the magic of the tech industry to you in your inbox. Help us spread the word, forward this to others in your community!

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